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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Client Project: Bedroom Set Restoration

When Bloom. was asked to collaborate with a local designer on a beautiful bedroom set, we could not have been more excited. When we were told the look was "Hollywood Glam" we were downright thrilled. The client's daughter's room was undergoing a glamorous makeover, with touches of sophisticated elegance and hints of mid century modern flare. We were tasked with transforming two tired, vintage pieces into shining stars. Let's take a look at how the pieces looked when they came to us:

The designer requested a lacquer-like finish with gold accents. Bloom. suggested Benjamin Moore's Advance line which is a water-based, Alkyd paint that offers a perfectly smooth, self-leveling finish. To achieve a shiny, lacquer finish, we selected the "High Gloss" finish. After discussing various color samples with the client, it was decided that the color would be Poolside Blue, a gorgeously rich and stylish shade of turquoise. To achieve the requested, gold-accented hardware, we used a combination of Barkeeper's Friend and slightly damp paper towel to remove years of patina from each piece of hardware. After buffing thoroughly, each piece was sprayed with a protective coat of clear enamel gloss.

The end result here is serious Hollywood Glam. We are super excited to be a part of such a cool room makeover and can't wait to see the completed room design! For now, enjoy some pics of the finished furniture!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to Clean Brass

WOW, have things been busy around here!  A client project that we are currently working on is a beautiful vintage buffet.  The client has chosen an amazing red LACQUER finish (how cool is that) and would like us to restore the original brass hardware, for a phenomenal classic look.

The hardware itself was in great shape with no noticeable markings but there was definitely a patina from years of wear and use.  Originally we thought we would clean the hardware and then use a rub-on metallic wax finish to get the shine our client was looking for.  To our surprise, we used Bar Keepers Friend and the results were amazing, no second step necessary!
Here's what we did!

*Note: The cleaning did take a bit of time and elbow grease, but the elimination of the second step was well worth it!