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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Client Project: Pair of Dressers

A previous client recently purchased a pair of dressers to use as nightstands in her master bedroom.  She new exactly what she wanted, the dressers done in a semi gloss white finish with a gold accent that would feature the unique lines of the pieces.


The original hardware was in pretty rough shape, but with some Bar Keepers Friend and a damp paper towel the results were perfect!


We chose to use Benjamin Moore's Advance line in the color Mayonnaise.  The white has a warmth to it that really works well with the gold/brass accents.  We were playing around with where to add the gold outline, and are very pleased with the result of choosing the inlay around the drawers

These dressers are going to work perfectly as nightstands with deep drawers and a durable, long lasting finish.

Thank you,
Shannon and Danielle

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Client Project: Bedroom Set Restoration

When Bloom. was asked to collaborate with a local designer on a beautiful bedroom set, we could not have been more excited. When we were told the look was "Hollywood Glam" we were downright thrilled. The client's daughter's room was undergoing a glamorous makeover, with touches of sophisticated elegance and hints of mid century modern flare. We were tasked with transforming two tired, vintage pieces into shining stars. Let's take a look at how the pieces looked when they came to us:

The designer requested a lacquer-like finish with gold accents. Bloom. suggested Benjamin Moore's Advance line which is a water-based, Alkyd paint that offers a perfectly smooth, self-leveling finish. To achieve a shiny, lacquer finish, we selected the "High Gloss" finish. After discussing various color samples with the client, it was decided that the color would be Poolside Blue, a gorgeously rich and stylish shade of turquoise. To achieve the requested, gold-accented hardware, we used a combination of Barkeeper's Friend and slightly damp paper towel to remove years of patina from each piece of hardware. After buffing thoroughly, each piece was sprayed with a protective coat of clear enamel gloss.

The end result here is serious Hollywood Glam. We are super excited to be a part of such a cool room makeover and can't wait to see the completed room design! For now, enjoy some pics of the finished furniture!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Antique Settee Refinish

When a friend found this antique settee sitting outside on the curb and sent a picture over I had to have it!  Once it arrived I realized that it had been rained on, well loved and a cat had definitely snuggled up on it a few times, but the shape and style were right up my alley.


Once all of the fabric, padding and wood veneer was removed and I could get a good look at this well made piece of furniture I was glad it ended up in my collection.  
A lot of repairs needed to be made to the woodwork (i.e. arms held together by duct tape) and the under webbing/straps had to all be removed and replaced.  But, the biggest part of the transformation would be choosing a paint color and fabric that would really make this piece pop.


A beautiful gray patterned fabric was chosen and custom piping was added to the piece.  While a rich gold metallic finish really helped to accentuate the beautiful lines and detail.

This antique settee is a perfect example of something that was once considered trash and with a little love was able to Bloom.  

Interested in purchasing this piece? This and many other furniture pieces that we have refinished are available for sale locally, contact us for more details.

P.S. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Bloom's DIY Series: Kitchen Redo!

We all have that space in our house that we walk through every day, envisioning how, with endless funds and overflowing creativity, we would transform it into our "dream room", fit for a big home renovation show reveal. In my house, there are many rooms I dream about completely transforming. The mid-century design is interesting and could easily fit into my overall style, but there are so many things I would like to change and upgrade. Without the budget for a big renovation, these dream spaces can often times, be just that: dreams. But I'm done dreaming. I want my awesome space now. How am I gonna get there? Three letters: D. I. Y. Yep. My plan is to figure out what I can change now, on a budget and by myself, in order to make my dream space a reality. And here at Bloom., we're going to share the adventure with you!

The Bloom. DIY Series will feature projects within our own homes, detailed here on the blog for you to read. We are very excited to get started and our first project is my very own, 1950's teeny tiny kitchen! I have big plans for this space and can't wait to get started.

My kitchen is small. Everything about it is small, small, small. Small cupboards and drawers. Small sink. Small pantry. And while I'm not planning a big renovation, complete with demo and new blueprints, I am planning on making the space feel larger. A few small changes can open a space and I have some ideas.  New paint. Open-cupboard concept. Affordable backsplash. Removing wasted space.

Here are some quick plans with notes that I've put together:

And here is my inspiration board:

I definitely have big plans. Will I be able to achieve everything I have planned? Maybe. Is it possible to get the look you want without spending huge amounts of energy and money? I think so. The idea here is to give you, dear readers, a first-hand look at the trials and error of DIY home projects and to also help inspire you to try your own home projects.

So stay tuned here on the website as well as our Facebook and Pinterest board, for all of our project updates and inspiration. We look forward to the DIY road ahead!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Client Project: Entryway Dresser and Hardware Refinish

A current client recently purchased a new home, found this classic dresser and knew it would be perfect for their new entryway.  The stained finish and distressed hardware weren't the exact look they wanted, and the space was in need of a pop of color.

The entire dresser has been sprayed in a low sheen dark shade of blue and sealed by hand with wax to a satin finish.  All of the hardware is original, each pull was refinished in a beautiful metallic gold. The gold accents, new paint color and satin finish really accent the classic silhouette of the piece.

We are so happy with the results and hope that the family loves seeing the piece each time they enter their home.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Client Project: Cottage Dining Set Restoration

Our most recent client project is ready for reveal and we have been so excited to share this transformation with you guys! I love when a client comes to Bloom. with a big project that needs a lot of work. Because once all of that hard work is complete and the piece is looking all shiny and new, my reward is the look of surprise and happiness that always lights up a client's face. This project was no exception.

A client came to Bloom. wanting a complete makeover on this fantastic vintage dining set for their family's summer estate in Eastern Michigan. The table had been painted a few times before, and after years of minimal upkeep had transformed into a less-than-chic, shabby and tattered piece of furniture. Let's take a look at the Befores:

The client requested a new stain for the table top, crisp white on table bottom and chairs and wanted stately plaid for the cushions. We could not wait to see the black vinyl seats go! Fabric was sourced online and shipped in. While we waited, the table and chairs were sprayed via HVLP spray application in a semi-gloss white. The table top was stripped and stained in a dark walnut and sealed using a gloss polyurethane. Because the table leg tips and chair tips were metal, Bloom. suggested a shiny gold-dipped look using a metallic paint. Once the fabric arrived, each chair cushion was reupholstered and assembled.

Everything came together wonderfully and we could not be more pleased with the results:

What a transformation! Thanks so much for reading!

Bloom. Restorations is happy to offer free consultations to interested clients. Please contact us at or via Facebook to learn more. We provide attentive care and consideration to each and every piece of furniture our clients place in our hands. Every client is provided a private Pinterest page to ensure that both Bloom. and the client are on the same page in terms of project inspiration and direction. We are happy to offer delivery services and currently accept cash, check and PayPal. If you have a piece of furniture that you'd like to see Bloom, we'd love to talk about it! Contact us today!