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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vintage Phone Bench Restoration

I love this bench. Seriously. Even before I made it Bloom. I still had some lovey feelings for it. I love the curves and the floral carving in the chair back. I love the little side desk with additional storage. I love that it is naturally distressing in some parts and how it looked even better when I added some "faux" distressing of my own. It is just the most perfect little accent piece I think I have ever come upon. Let me show you how it looked when it came to my garage:

Now, I know what you're thinking. Leopard print fabric? What the what??? Let me tell you guys... that's not even fabric. Whoever had the priveledge of owning this adorable little bench actually used a leopard print TOWEL to cover it's adorable little seat! Once I got that odd choice of decorative seat fabric off, the bench looked a million times better. I decided on a crisp, sage green for the wood which I lightly distressed once the paint had time to cure. A few coats of clear wax added just the right amount of sheen to the finish. Danielle recovered the seat in a gorgeous, script fabric that added just the right amount of elegant, vintage charm.

I am in love! The finished piece is probably one of my favorite projects yet. Take a look!

So purdy. Though it pains me to part with it, this piece is available for purchase locally. Contact us at Thanks so much for reading today!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Client Project: Entryway Dresser

Here at Bloom. we are always excited to learn new painting techniques and methods. When a client was referred to us through Vera's Daughter Home, one of our favorite local boutiques, the client mentioned speaking with store owner Beckie Kassner about a brand-new technique straight from the latest Annie Sloan paint book. This technique involved mixing wax and paint together to create a distressed finish, without actually having to physically distress the piece. We refer to it as "muddling" and we are loving the new look!

This project was quite a transformation. The dresser was originally finished in black lacquer with gold trim and oriental illustrations on the drawer fronts:

The client expressed the desire for a french-country look in a creamy white, with light distressing and dark wax for added drama. After speaking with Beckie about the new "muddling" technique, we decided to use two Annie Sloan colors, Old White and Coco. The process began by mixing equal parts of Old White and Coco for the base color. Then, working in small sections, we applied wax mixed with Old White in a "swishing" motion. Here's a close up pic after the wax/paint mixture was applied and had dried for a few hours:

The wax helps to create texture as the brush moves over the surface. After letting the dresser sit for 24 hours, we then went over the entire piece with a small amount of dark wax, concentrating on the corners and edges. The end result was dramatic elegance that fit in perfectly with the client's style and decor:

We hope you love the new technique as much as we do! If you are local to the Detroit area, be sure to stop by Vera's Daughter Home where you can shop gorgeous furniture and home decor, learn the latest tricks and tips from Beckie herself, and purchase Annie Sloan products.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Client Project: Dramatic Buffet in Chalk Paint

When choosing larger furniture pieces for your home, it is important to remember that paint can go a long way. Bloom. was recently approached by a client who had found the perfect statement piece for her new home. She loved the shape and size of this gorgeous, curved buffet and thought it would fit nicely into her family room. She was not however, in love with the cherry finish. She wanted a dramatic, elegant finish and after collaborating with Bloom. she decided on a deep, charcoal chalk paint and dark wax with light distressing. Let's take a look at the Befores:

The piece was thoroughly cleaned and prepped for spraying. This was Bloom's first time spraying with chalk paint and we choose to work with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This paint is amazing and offers a gorgeous, rich tone when paired with wax. After spraying the chalk paint with an HVLP sprayer, the piece was wet-distressed and finished with two coats of a dark wax, also by Annie Sloan. In order to accentuate the subtle, aged look of the piece, the hardware was left untouched. We think the end result is nothing short of dramatic elegance.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Client Project: Child's Table to Coffee Table

Recently we have been working on a project that was once used as a child's table, our client wanted to take this great "garbage picking" find and turn it into a coffee table.  The table had been painted many colors and had quite a bit of wear, it also separated down the center on a track. 

To take the table down to an appropriate coffee table height about 4" of the legs were removed and self leveling feet were added.  The top was completely affixed and no longer opens in the center.  The table was hand-painted in a beautiful shade of blue and was antiqued with a dark brown glaze. 

This table may have changed its purpose but the classic character is still there.  I had a lot of fun working on this piece and hope the family enjoys it in their home!

xoxo - Danielle and Shannon

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clothespin Picture Frame

This is a crafty little gift I put together as part of my daughter's end of the year gift to her teacher.  Very simple project here; just a little paint, twine and a staple gun produced a sweetly unique and simple gift for a very special and very much appreciated, first grade teacher!

For those of you interested in how to do something similar, here are some quick directions:

Grab a frame, paint it your favorite color.  Use a fine grit sandpaper to distress the edges if you want a distressed look.  Once your frame dries, use a staple gun to attach twine to the back of the frame, making sure the twine is taught so that it holds up your pictures well.  Add any type of accent you like, in this case I used a paper flower purchased in a scrap-booking package from Joann Fabrics.  Mini-clothespins and some of our favorite school year pics topped off our project and you could use your frame for any type of occasion here; best friend, significant other, memorable event pics, the list goes on and on.

Hope you enjoyed this little project today!  Happy crafting everyone!