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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vintage Phone Bench Restoration

I love this bench. Seriously. Even before I made it Bloom. I still had some lovey feelings for it. I love the curves and the floral carving in the chair back. I love the little side desk with additional storage. I love that it is naturally distressing in some parts and how it looked even better when I added some "faux" distressing of my own. It is just the most perfect little accent piece I think I have ever come upon. Let me show you how it looked when it came to my garage:

Now, I know what you're thinking. Leopard print fabric? What the what??? Let me tell you guys... that's not even fabric. Whoever had the priveledge of owning this adorable little bench actually used a leopard print TOWEL to cover it's adorable little seat! Once I got that odd choice of decorative seat fabric off, the bench looked a million times better. I decided on a crisp, sage green for the wood which I lightly distressed once the paint had time to cure. A few coats of clear wax added just the right amount of sheen to the finish. Danielle recovered the seat in a gorgeous, script fabric that added just the right amount of elegant, vintage charm.

I am in love! The finished piece is probably one of my favorite projects yet. Take a look!

So purdy. Though it pains me to part with it, this piece is available for purchase locally. Contact us at Thanks so much for reading today!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Client Project: Restored Vintage Buffet

This gorgeous vintage Buffet came to Bloom. through a previous client referral and interestingly enough, was inspired by a previous piece that is actually part of our Purchase Locally Collection. You can learn more about that piece, a cool vintage waterfall dresser, here. The client loved the look of that particular piece so much that they approached Bloom. to apply the same technique on this unique vintage buffet.

Let's take a look at the Befores:

This piece required a bit of repair work, including re-applying a few pieces of moulding and securing the top of the buffet to the base. In keeping with the theme of the waterfall dresser, the shell of the buffet was thoroughly cleaned and then sprayed in a matte, water-based navy blue paint via HVLP sprayer. The drawer and cabinet door fronts were sanded down and re-stained in a deep espresso. The entire piece was then finished in a clear wax. New, glass hardware accented the doors nicely while the drawer hardware was restored to it's original luster and sealed in a clear coat of enamel. The end result is eclectic charm:

Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Antique Vanity in Lavender

I have been wanting to try my hand at different finishing techniques and this beautiful vanity was my first experience with both white and clear wax.  This piece was part of a family estate sale and I was super excited to add it to my collection!  Minor scratches and nicks in the finish were easily worked around; I felt they would add character to the finished product, so I did little in terms of repair.

I decided on a gorgeous shade of lavender from Paint Couture's line of acrylic paints.  The color is called Blessings.  Two coats gave good coverage and the finish is matte and almost chalk-like.  400 grit sand paper was used to smooth the surface before a coat of Miss Mustard Seed's clear wax was applied.  Once that layer had dried over a 24 hour period, 400 grit sand paper was used to smooth the finish, and then a coat of white wax was added, also from Miss Mustard Seed.  

Wax is a great way to add an aged appearance, while also giving your furniture a long lasting and protective finish.  Wax will also add depth and bring out the color of your paint, in this case the lavender color became smooth and almost milky and the vanity began to look as if it had aged perfectly, the color softening with time. 

Wax can be applied in different ways; here I used a chip brush to apply and then wiped away excess with an old, clean t-shirt.  Using a high grit sand paper in between coats gives a super sleek and smooth finish.  

Though not pictured in the before pics, one of the side panels on the vanity had peeling veneer.  I decided to remove the veneer on both panels and use fabric to cover the unfinished wood.  The rose print on the fabric gave a romantic look to the vanity and in keeping with that theme, floral stenciling was used on the drawers and distressed, floral knobs finished the piece. 

The result is a soft, romantic vanity perfect for holding your most treasured and beautiful items...

This vanity is part of our Available for Local Purchase collection.  Learn more about this and other items available for purchase here.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!