Hi Friends! I'm Danielle, co-creator at Bloom.  and fellow lover of all things vintage.

Crafting, DIY and showing the old a lil’ bit of love have all been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  My grandparents are collectors and artists, over the years they have created one of the most phenomenal vintage collections (that you'll sometimes find me picking through).  My parents are both big believers in "doing-it-yourself" and have really mastered their skills over the years, as a child I remember combing the aisles of the local craft and hardware stores.

After attending college and studying business I was drawn to small business and non-profit work, while still always fulfilling my creative outlet with home projects and restoration.  Two years ago my husband, our Boston Terrier Roxie and I bought a home in Grosse Pointe and a year later had our beautiful baby Jack.

Over time I have been working hard to build a comfortable, styled home that my family can enjoy, and where friends & family can congregate.  Almost every piece in my house has a story behind it or I have added a personal touch to it in some way.  I believe in the appreciation of handcrafted items and always giving something a second chance.

My passion and creativity run deep and I look forward to helping your treasured pieces Bloom.

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