Hi Friends! I'm Shannon, co-creator of Bloom. and fellow lover of all things vintage. 

Growing up in a big, old house on the East side of Detroit with parents who loved antiques, my love of refurbishing started early . A vintage radio sat in our wallpapered foyer, with old knobs we twisted when passing by. We made our Friday night popcorn in a huge, antique popcorn machine that was so big we had to stand on our tip-toes to see inside. Even our stove was an antique and I remember how excited my mom was when she found it at a neighbor's estate sale.  Years later, when I was all grown up with a baby of my own and ready to furnish my own small, yet charming apartment while barely having the means to purchase anything new, I found myself gravitating toward local garage sales and flea markets for affordable, one of a kind pieces. And if they didn't suit my initial taste or look, I simply re-painted or re-furbished instead of passing up. I found it not only affordable, but creatively satisfying as well.

Some time has passed since my pretty little apartment and after some new adventures including bringing another little babe into the world, we've been through a few more houses and plenty of recycled furniture. And even though I sometimes miss the simpler days of my cute apartment, I've carried the drive and determination with me and continue to look for beautifully unique and affordable ways to furnish our family home.

I take pride in my home and creative work and I like to think I bring that dedication with me when a client invites me into their home, and I always take care of their most treasured pieces as if they were my own.  I've worked closely with families and have refurbished vintage furniture dating back over 100 years and the end result is always worth so much more than the work and sweat that goes into the project.  I feel very lucky to be doing what I love and to feel so rewarded at the end of the day.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website and I look forward to sharing all of our wonderful projects with you, dear readers.

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