Monday, June 6, 2016

Client Project: Vintage Pie Safe Restoration

A client came to Bloom. with a very interesting restoration project to kick off our Summer season and we are so excited to share it with you today! Long before the invention of refrigerators, pie safes were used to store bread, meat and other perishables to protect them from insects and vermin. Most commonly they were made of wood, with two hinged doors on the front and ventilated with screens. Our client purchased her vintage pie safe from a market in Northern Michigan and had long used it as a decor piece in her den, to store vintage plates and bowls. She liked the distressed look but decided she wanted the piece to better incorporate with her current decor theme. She asked Bloom. to color match the pie safe to a beautiful hutch in her den and we happily took on the project!

Let's take a look at the Before Pics:

Our client requested a color match using this beautiful hutch in her den:

We suggested multiple coats of Hemp Oil to the interior shelves to bring out the original luster and color of the wood as well as a dark wax overlay to finish the exterior. The end result is vintage charm and a beautifully restored pie safe our client can continue to enjoy for many years to come. Take a look:

Thank you so much for reading today! We hope you're enjoying the start of summer as much as we are!

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