Saturday, April 30, 2016

DIY Gold-dipped Tequila Decanters

Summer is almost here and one of my favorite summer time cocktails is a delicious Margarita made with fresh lime and orange juices. And my favorite tequila just happens to come in the coolest glass decanter:

I had 3 bottles saved from last summer in the hopes to use them for a cool project down the road. Now that my cabinets are finished in my Kitchen Redo I decided that the bottles would make a great decorative addition to my open shelves. I love the gold-dipped look and decided to try some variations of this look.

After removing the labels on each bottle, I noticed there was residual glue and paper in some places that would not come off.

I tried sponges and soaking in soapy water and nothing worked! Then I remembered I had a package of steel wool in my supply closet. Using warm, soapy water and the steel wool, I simply rubbed the wool in a circular motion and the glue and paper came right off. Easy peasy!

Once the bottles were clean and dry, I used our favorite new painters tape, ScotchBlue with Edge-Lock to create the lines for my gold-dipped look. After my designs were taped on, I used another new favorite product, Montana Spray Paint. This paint is unlike any other product I've used before. The one-of-a-kind formula ensures high coverage, perfect control and handling and amazing color.

Once the paint was completely dry, I peeled off the tape to reveal perfect edges. Seriously, this Edge-Lock tape is ahhh-mazing!

The finished vases were a great addition to my open shelves. The flash of gold against the dark cabinet interior offers contrast and depth. Let's take a look:

What's your favorite summertime drink? Have you ever tried the DIY gold-dipped look before? Let us know in the comments below! 

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