Monday, December 14, 2015

Bloom's DIY Series: Kitchen Redo!

We all have that space in our house that we walk through every day, envisioning how, with endless funds and overflowing creativity, we would transform it into our "dream room", fit for a big home renovation show reveal. In my house, there are many rooms I dream about completely transforming. The mid-century design is interesting and could easily fit into my overall style, but there are so many things I would like to change and upgrade. Without the budget for a big renovation, these dream spaces can often times, be just that: dreams. But I'm done dreaming. I want my awesome space now. How am I gonna get there? Three letters: D. I. Y. Yep. My plan is to figure out what I can change now, on a budget and by myself, in order to make my dream space a reality. And here at Bloom., we're going to share the adventure with you!

The Bloom. DIY Series will feature projects within our own homes, detailed here on the blog for you to read. We are very excited to get started and our first project is my very own, 1950's teeny tiny kitchen! I have big plans for this space and can't wait to get started.

My kitchen is small. Everything about it is small, small, small. Small cupboards and drawers. Small sink. Small pantry. And while I'm not planning a big renovation, complete with demo and new blueprints, I am planning on making the space feel larger. A few small changes can open a space and I have some ideas.  New paint. Open-cupboard concept. Affordable backsplash. Removing wasted space.

Here are some quick plans with notes that I've put together:

And here is my inspiration board:

I definitely have big plans. Will I be able to achieve everything I have planned? Maybe. Is it possible to get the look you want without spending huge amounts of energy and money? I think so. The idea here is to give you, dear readers, a first-hand look at the trials and error of DIY home projects and to also help inspire you to try your own home projects.

So stay tuned here on the website as well as our Facebook and Pinterest board, for all of our project updates and inspiration. We look forward to the DIY road ahead!


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