Monday, July 6, 2015

How to: Scalloped Feature Wall

WOW, what a difference this simple, inexpensive project has made!  
We have painted almost every wall in every room of our house, except this small hallway.  I was really looking to make a statement somewhere in the house, and I have played it safe with most of the rooms, this small space seemed perfect for a feature!

I was planning to do a more elaborate design, but after finding Classy Clutter's great tutorial my mind was changed and the project began.  

Supplies Needed:
Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen - Gold Metallic
12in diameter template

I took a 12in diameter lid that I had in the cupboard and at the halfway mark, used a black sharpie to indicate on both edges the sides of the scallop.  I used painters tape to adhere a small level to the lid.  The level was only needed for the top row on each wall, but it also doubled as a handle for the rest of the project!  I also took a piece of 12"x12" craft paper and made another template for areas that couldn't accommodate the plastic lid (I had to make a few as the marker would wet the paper and on some areas transferred onto the wall).  My walls are 8ft+, the entire project took me 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

I LOVE this transformation!

xoxo - Danielle

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