Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Client Project: Restored Vintage Dollhouse

A client recently approached Bloom. to help restore one of her favorite childhood treasures, a stunning vintage dollhouse. The story behind the piece goes something like this: When our client was a little girl, she would drive with her father down to his workshop in Detroit, and on the way they would pass a little house with rows of unique, hand-crafted dollhouses on the front lawn. The girl would look excitedly out the window each time they drove by the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of each and every wonderfully inviting creation. One day, her father approached the man who owned the house and all of the tiny crafted pieces and asked him to make a special house just for his little girl. It was big enough to hold all kinds of dolls and had pretty window sills and a big, front door complete with knob and knocker. And on the front of the house, was a delicately chiseled, "M" for the little girl's name.

Years later, when the little girl had grown and created a beautiful family of her own, she still had that amazing dollhouse and wanted to brighten it up so she could share it with her own little ones. And when she asked Bloom. to help her, we were beyond excited!

Let's take a look at the Befores:

The client asked for a crisp, white finish and a red door. We suggested gray shutters and window trim to finish off the look. The exterior paint was applied using an HVLP paint sprayer while the door and trim were hand-painted. What was achieved is simple, timeless whimsy:

We just love happy endings, don't you?


Kelly Joz said...

So sweet! Those are some lucky kiddos. I'm sure their imaginations will "Bloom". ;)

Bloom. said...

Thank you so much Kelly!