Sunday, June 28, 2015

DIY Back Yard Play Area

As our little one gets older, more toys pile up and the need to get outside grows we decided to build a designated outdoor play area.  We didn't want or need a project that would take all weekend, just something simple, somewhere his stationary toys could live.  This project was SUPER easy and called for just a few supplies and steps. 
Oh, and a helpful hubby.

Supplies Needed:
16 - Long Wood Screws
5 - Bags of Cedar Chips (more if needed)
20 - Tack Nails

We started out by mowing the area where the play yard would sit, we mowed that down very short. 

Then we placed the timbers down in a frame and stacked it 2 timbers high. 

All 4 corners were secured with 4 wood screws to ensure a hold.  Our back yard is not level so the extra screws helped really keep all of the corners snug.

Next add the weed barrier to the under-side, using the tacks to hold in place.

Now flip the frame over and place in its final location.

We then filled the frame with cedar chips and trimmed the weed barrier that was over hanging.

SUPER simple! 
Now we have a beautiful area that is designated for outdoor play time (no dogs allowed)
and it's kid approved!

xoxo - Danielle

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