Monday, March 16, 2015

Eclectic Electric!

It's been busy over here at Happy Now, and some exciting changes are in the works for this busy Momma, but I wanted to take a moment away from all that craziness to share with you all, my absolute favorite new home decor accent!!!

Humbled Home is the sweet, small Etsy Shop That Could and this product is amazing!  Ashley Garret is a hard-working mom with a passion for all things pretty and creative!  She offers beautiful home outlet and light-switch covers, smartly decorated with gorgeous fabric and designs. I loved the concept here and Ashley was kind enough to send over some samples.  

The process is quite simple.  For custom orders, simply send Ashley an idea on color and style and she can send you a ton of samples via phone or email.  Once you select your design, she begins work on your items and can have them completed and shipped within a few short days. You can also shop her pre-made designs online at her Etsy store

My situation was actually quite dire, in that we had recently painted our living room but had not re-covered our outlets because the previous homeowners had painted over them.  I had been wanting to purchase new covers for a while, but being a busy mom, never got around to it.  So here our outlets sat, dangerously un-covered and well, quite ugly...

Enter Ashley!  She walked me through the fabric selection process and within minutes we had decided on a pretty floral and bird design that I LOVED.  Once I picked that design, she had my order completed and shipped within 2 days!  I cannot even express the excitement I had when my package arrived!!!  I can't say I've ever been more happy to open a package of outlet covers in my life. Seriously, it was awesome! 

And the covers... well they are PERFECT.  Excellent quality, ready to install and all you need is a screwdriver!  Your order will include a freshly covered outlet and screws!  How simple is that? 

The result... take a look below!  

I have been walking by them all day, just staring at how pretty and perfect they are.  And I've already ordered another set for to match our other outlets and am also looking at designs for a few other rooms we are going to paint in the upcoming months. Who knew eclectic electric could be so cool...

For more information on Ashley's amazing product designs, head over to her Etsy store, Humbled Home.

Have a wonderfully happy and electric day readers!