Monday, October 20, 2014

Vintage Jewelry Box & Stand

I found these two pieces at a local garage sale and they were begging for a redo. They were sold together, though I'm not sure they are actually a set.  The coloring in both is mismatched and the jewelry box had a rather cheap, veneer finish.  In any matter, I wanted to keep them together and use them for my own small but treasured jewelry collection.

Notice the two different shades... 

I loved the old, gold-dipped feet and wanted to keep this feature.  

The hardware was BEGGING to be refinished.

Blotchy and tarnished.

First and foremost, I knew I wanted to keep the original color and finish to the stand. The gold-dipped legs were brought back to life using tape and gold spray paint. Once the legs were dry, I moved on to the rest of the stand. I've found that on a piece with minimal damage and nice coloring, it's best to stick with a quick smoothing technique and natural finish.  In this case, I used a 400 grit sand paper to smooth any scuffs or nicks, and then applied 3 coats of hemp oil to the wood. Hemp oil is a natural way to bring back depth, color and moisture to a piece. 

I let the stand cure for 24 hours and during that time, started on the box.  I used 150 sandpaper to smooth the veneer and then applied 2 coats of Rustoleum Oasis Blue.  The hardware was given new shine with 2 coats of the same metallic gold spray paint used on the stand's legs.  

The end results are eclectic, vintage charm if I do say so myself.  See for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Baby Boy's Brand New(ish) Dresser!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything new on the blog; we've had some big changes over here! We purchased our first house together as a family and couldn't be more excited!  There are so many projects I cannot wait to get started on, but having two little ones keeps me on my toes and it's going to be a slow and steady process.  I do have a quick project to share with you today; an old, new dresser for sweet Baby Boy's room!  This dresser has been in my family for almost 30 years and it was sitting in the back of my garage for the longest time.  I had been wanting to re-do it and I figured since we just moved and the kiddos have new rooms, what better time than now to add a new piece of furniture.  Baby Boy's first dresser, which you can read more about here, has moved on to our basement playroom area, to store barbies and books and whatnot.

This is the only Before shot I have; I tackled this project in one afternoon and had to fit it in around Baby Boy's nap time, so I forgot to take pics before I got started!

My inspiration for this piece began when I was researching hand-painted furniture designs.  I happened to come across a cool wardrobe with a similar, owl-themed design on the front and had been wanting to use it on a project of my own.  And it was PERFECT for Baby Boy's room!  Take a look:

The paint color is a mixture of Downy and Cyberspace, both by Sherwin Williams, and the image was done first in pencil and then filled in with acrylic paints.  A sheer coat of polycrylic was added to the drawers and dresser top to seal and protect.  I think it's a great addition to the room and will be used for a few more years and then hopefully stored and used by future generations!

Happy Friday Everyone!