Friday, August 22, 2014

Client Project: Vintage Dresser Restoration, A First in our Romance & Light Bedroom Series!

Greetings Happy Now readers!  I am very pleased to share a piece from my first-ever, client project series that I've titled "Romance & Light".  I was approached by a client who wanted to completely re-do an entire bedroom set, gifted to her and her fiance by an old neighbor back in Chicago.  The set was a gorgeous, Mid-Century Modern collection from Thomasville.  We're talking that cool, vintage vibe with all the details and style that beg for attention.  The couple had decided on a crisp, distressed white for all the pieces, and wanted to keep the original, brass-plated hardware intact.  The set includes a 6-drawer dresser, a nightstand and headboard.  Today, I'm sharing the dresser's transformation with you!

Let's take a look at the befores:

All clients receive access to a private, customized Pinterest board throughout their project and while going back and forth with my clients for this project, we were able to discuss the exact shade of white they desired as well as the direction we wanted to go with the hardware. I was able to create a custom-blended chalk-paint based downy white, which was then distressed slightly and sealed with clear furniture wax.  Here are some progress shots of the dresser top, which was in a slightly scratched and scraped condition when it arrived to my work-space:

The hardware was revitalized using Rub n Buff, which is a wax-based, pigmented powder that creates a metallic finish to any surface.  This method was chosen over metallic spray paint because we wanted the brass to shine but without the perfectly even finish of a spray.  The Rub n Buff is wiped on with a soft cloth and then buffed to shine. Take a look at the difference just one coat of the Rub n Buff can make to old, tarnished hardware:

Once the paint and wax had dried and the new hardware was in place, it was truly amazing to see the dresser's transformation from tired vintage, to romantic and shabby chic!

Stay tuned to Happy Now and visit our Facebook page for updates on this series!  Thanks so much for reading!

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