Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clothespin Picture Frame

This is a crafty little gift I put together as part of my daughter's end of the year gift to her teacher.  Very simple project here; just a little paint, twine and a staple gun produced a sweetly unique and simple gift for a very special and very much appreciated, first grade teacher!

For those of you interested in how to do something similar, here are some quick directions:

Grab a frame, paint it your favorite color.  Use a fine grit sandpaper to distress the edges if you want a distressed look.  Once your frame dries, use a staple gun to attach twine to the back of the frame, making sure the twine is taught so that it holds up your pictures well.  Add any type of accent you like, in this case I used a paper flower purchased in a scrap-booking package from Joann Fabrics.  Mini-clothespins and some of our favorite school year pics topped off our project and you could use your frame for any type of occasion here; best friend, significant other, memorable event pics, the list goes on and on.

Hope you enjoyed this little project today!  Happy crafting everyone!

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