Thursday, May 1, 2014

Repainted Front Door

A quick and simple way to update the exterior of your home is a repainted front door.  And that is just what I did this week, AND it took less than 24 hours!  Our front door had seen better days; it was worn and weathered and it really made the front of our house look drab.

I decided to go with a rich, dark color that would easily hide the door's imperfections.  The color is Sherwin Williams' Cyberspace and I'd say the hue borderlines somewhere between deep blue and dark gray.  Very elegant and very pretty!

When painting a door, there are certainly methods to master.  Make sure you are using a high quality paint and good brushes.  As in this case, the door is exterior and the paint will need to stand up against the elements.  I selected Sherwin Williams' "Resilience" line which was recommended to me by a paint expert.  I always use Purdy brushes as well as a foam roller for a nice, even appearance with less brush strokes.

Make sure you tape off areas that will not be painted, including door edges and door hardware.  You can remove the hardware all together, but make sure you know how to re-assemble and make sure your drying time does not go into the evening, as you'll want to be able to close and lock your door over night!

Found this lovely spider's nest underneath the old door knocker.  Yuck!
Be sure to prime your surface area with a good sanding and if needed, primer.  Because the paint I selected includes primer, I did not do any additional primer before painting.  Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust and once the door is completely dry, you can begin to paint.

Using an angled brush and starting at the top of your door, paint all of your panels first.  Use the brush to get into the corners of the panels and make sure all the edges, whether recessed or raised, are covered evenly with paint.

Once all of your panels are completed, use your foam roller and cover each vertical wood strip, starting with the strip on the left side of the door and moving to the right. Then move on to the horizontal strips, starting at the top strip and moving down to the bottom.  Let the first coat of paint dry and then do another coat, allowing at least 4 hours of drying time in between.  Once you've done 2 coats, depending on the door type and material, you may need to add a third or even fourth coat.  The key is to see absolutely no underlying door color or wood and absolutely no brush strokes.

First coat

Second coat.

Third coat.
Remove your tape and look closely at the entire door, making sure there are no missed spots or splashes of paint on the hardware or surrounding area.  For this project, I did not paint the door edges or the interior part of the door, and this is only because we may be replacing the door all together next year and I did not feel the need to do the entire piece.  If your project involves a more permanent door, I'd recommend painting the entire door for a more even and finished appearance.

Overall, I am so very Happy with the outcome of this project.  The fresh coat of paint breathes new life into the front of our house and as our spring flowers begin to bloom, the dark paint color offers a bright contrast that I must say, is quite pretty!

Happy Spring Everyone!

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