Sunday, March 9, 2014

Using Framed Fabric as Wall Art

Today's post centers on a true DIY project that I thought up one lazy Sunday afternoon. I have been on the lookout for some large format, framed prints for my living room.  I wanted something colorful and cheery to hang on the walls behind my couch.  There are great online sites for ordering decorative art and posters such as and zazzle.  Zazzle in particular, has a ton of unique and colorful items at fantastic prices.  Which is great if you want to browse through the hundreds of images for hours at a time, but I am a mom on a schedule and I had a particular look in mind and not a lot of time to get it done.

It was on a particular trip to Joann's, as I was browsing through the fabric section, when the idea came to me.  I was holding a piece of fabric that I've been eying for some time, super excited that it was on sale for a GREAT price, trying to think of the next new project I could use it for when BAM!  It hit me!  I love the print.  I love the colors.  It would look lovely hanging above my couch...  I should frame it!!!

I purchased two yards and headed to Target to grab some large format frames.  They had 20 x 24's on sale for $20.00.  Not the cheapest, but considering how little I paid for what was going inside them, I was OK with it.

Once I was home, I just cut the fabric to size, using the paper insert that comes with the frame as a guide.

Once I had my pieces cut, I ironed them on a high setting to get rid of creases and wrinkles.  No need to wash the fabric here; since they're going right into the frames.

And right into the frames they went!  I laid the cut piece of fabric right onto the glass, making sure that the everything was flat and straight before putting the frame back together.  No exaggeration, took me 15 minutes top for the entire project. Price breaks down to roughly $25 per finished frame.  They hung nicely on each side of my couch and once they were up, it was kismet.  This was the exact look I wanted for the living room.

Here are some pics, and if the white and gold end table looks familiar, you've seen it right HERE on the blog as part of my living room re-do project.  Read more on that HERE and HERE and stay tuned for more awesome projects as I get closer to the living room of my (uniquely thrifty) dreams!

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