Sunday, March 23, 2014

Client Project: Vintage High Chair in Milk Paint

Incorporating vintage furniture and accessories into every day life can, at times, seem challenging.  Take a recent client of mine who found a very cool, vintage high chair online and was inspired to not only have it repainted to match her dining room, but also plans to use it for her upcoming baby on the way. 

This is my client's fourth babe, and she has never used vintage furniture for a little one.  A few of the challenges we discussed included adding some comfy cushions and finding a paint that was not only durable, but 100% safe and natural for baby.  Once she decided on her fabric and cushion size, I was tasked with finding the perfect shade to match.  After some research and a consult with my local paint supplier, we decided to use milk paint. 

Milk paint is a non-toxic, water based mixture of milk powder, lime and pigment.  It is sold in powder form and you simply mix it with water prior to use.  The finish is matte and very similar to chalk paint.  It can be distressed using different techniques, however the paint will naturally distress on it's own, depending on the surface it is used on. 

Milk paint can be sealed with wax, glaze or as I used with this project, hemp oil.  Hemp oil is also a 100% natural and non-toxic furniture sealant and again, perfect for furniture that will be used with a little one. After two coats of the milk paint, we simply used a soft rag to rub the hemp oil onto the chair surface. 

The end result was a unique vintage piece, perfectly natural and safe for baby. 

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Love the color....great job.