Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Client Project: Repainted Dining Room Chairs

A local boutique owner, who I sometimes do business with, referred me to a client in need of assistance on a repainting project.  The client had found 4 awesome chairs a few years back on Craigslist for a steal and was finally ready to repaint them in a crisp white, as a way to freshen up her dining room. The chairs had already been repainted when she bought them; the colors were two shades of bright blue.  She had started on one of the chairs, using a brush and latex paint, but was not satisfied with the resulting brush marks, especially on the chair backs.  When she approached me in regard to taking the project on, we discussed spray paint instead of latex as a way to get a smooth and even finish.

Each chair was sanded using a 120 grit and primed with a matte, white spray paint.  Though the chairs were already smooth and even, it was definitely important to prime the surface not only because the paint will stick better, but also because the dining room chairs receive a fair amount of traffic, and it will help to prevent scratches and bumps in the future.  A good coat of primer will also help cover up the beginning chair color, especially when going from a dark color to white.  After the primer had dried completely, I went over each chair with a super fine, 400 grit sandpaper, by hand, to ensure smoothness before the paint was applied. 

It took three full coats of paint, plus touch ups to fully cover up the blue here.  Once the paint had dried completely, each chair was given one coat of a clear gloss sealant, to further protect the finish from wear and tear.  

The end result was a smooth, shiny finish that made these Craiglist finds, Happily, brand spanking new.

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