Friday, February 28, 2014

Designer End Table DIY

A friend recently asked me for one piece of advice on an easy update for her living room.  I will always answer this question the same way:  Take one or two pieces from the room and RE-do!  RE-paint.  RE-upholster.  RE-cover.  You name it.  You RE-do it!  There isn't always time and money for an entire room makeover, so I've found that doing one small project at a time, and doing it right, will slowly get you to your room re-do goal.  And I've got a great example here for you today!

I am actually in the process of a Living Room Re-do myself!  I'm taking my room from gloomy brown to bright, bright and BRIGHTER!  I've already taken one small step and you can read more on that project HERE.  Today's project involves my end tables.

 I found these babies over 5 years ago at a Salvation Army Resale shop.  I think the pair together was $10.00.  I sanded and re-stained the tops and they've been in my living room ever since.  I love them.  They are a great height and they go well with any decor.

In keeping with my RE-do theme of saving time and money, I'm definitely going to use them in my Living Room Re-do.  My source of inspiration for my table makeovers comes from this awesome piece I found on Pinterest a few months back, while searching for furniture ideas:

I LOVE the contrast between the bright white top and beautiful, gold bottom.  This particular piece actually uses faux branches for legs.  LOVING this.  But NOT loving the price!  It retails for over $100.00  No can do, my friends.  But when you can't spend, you RE-do! All it took was white paint and gold, metallic spray paint to mimic the table leg branches above.

The first step in bringing my gorgeous end tables back to life was a good sanding.  I roughed up my table legs with 120 grit sand paper and just lightly went over the edges.  The table tops were smoothed down with my hand held electric sander also using a 120 grit.

Once the tables were wiped down I was ready to prime them.  Two major reasons for priming with this project:

1.  THE TABLE LEGS:  The metallic spray paint will cling better to a primed surface, therefore limiting the number of paint coats.
2.  THE TABLE TOPS:  The table tops had previously been stained and stain can bleed through paint.  A good primer coat will prevent bleeding.

I used a white, spray primer by Rustoleum and gave each table a good coat from top to bottom.  

*SPRAY PAINTING TIP:  In cold weather, and by cold, I mean anything under freezing, spray outside, but bring inside to dry.  Cold weather slows down dry time and by bringing the item inside to dry, you save time.  
Here are some shots of the table legs, drying in my mudroom, with primer on them:

Once the primer dried, I sprayed the table legs with a metallic gold by Rustoleum.  Always do your legs first, that way, you're not in danger of scraping a finished table top later on. 

I used Sherwin Williams Bright White for the table tops and made sure to use a good quality, clear top coat to protect and seal the table tops from future wear and tear. 

This project took about 2 hours to complete, including drying time.  Once the tables were complete, I made sure to let them fully dry for 24 hours, before setting anything on top. 

Two awesome new end tables that pop for UNDER $15.00!!!  I had everything on hand for this project but if you were to go out and buy supplies for yourself, including sanding pads, primer and paint, your total project cost would be around $12.00!  Compared to over $200.00 for the designer tables, that is quite a Happy little deal!