Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Holiday Wreath

Well, dear readers, the Holidays are upon us!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and after that its a straight shot to Christmas and New Years!  Baby Boy has decided not to make his much-anticipated arrival any earlier than his due date, so whilst I've been impatiently waiting, I have gotten a small, head-start on Holiday decor.  Today's post is a super easy, DIY Holiday wreath that anyone can make!

Here's what you need:

Foam Wreath from any craft store
Fabric of your choice - 2 yards is more than enough and you will have leftover scraps
Burlap Ribbon
Faux Flowers - Poinsettias are especially pretty for Holiday decor
Holiday Accessories of your choice - I choose rustic looking bells for this project
Staple Gun
Glue Gun

First, cut your fabric into strips, length-wise.  Then, wrap each strip around the wreath, using a staple gun to secure.  Pull the fabric tightly with each revolution and staple to whichever side will be the BACK side, so the staples are not visible from the front of the wreath.  Here's an example of the wreath I used for this project:

Learn more about where to find this wreath here.
Once your fabric is secured, it's time to play with the decorations!  This is the fun part!  Use your imagination and just go with what you feel looks pretty and festive.  I purchased 2 different sizes and colors of the burlap ribbon.  The larger of the two was a cream colored burlap, about 5 inches wide and I just kinda folded it into a bunch and stapled it onto the wreath.  I have always wanted to try my hand at burlap rosettes so I rolled the smaller, brown linen burlap ribbon into 2 inch rolls and used my fingers to separate the folds.  Once they resembled florets I stapled them to the wreath in a small arrangement.

Next, I stapled the rustic bells one at a time into a small arrangement right next to the burlap rosettes.  To add a pop of color, I stapled a bright faux poinsettia onto the top of the bunched up cream burlap and using the smaller burlap ribbon I made a bow and using my glue gun, glued it to the top of the poinsettia.  Be sure to let the glue dry for at least 30 minutes before handling the wreath.

To hang my wreath, I simply used some twine.  After wrapping it once around the top of the wreath, I just tied it in a pretty bow directly onto the nail in our front door.

Let's take a look at the finished wreath!



This project took about an hour to complete and the cost breaks down as follows:

Foam Wreath - $8.99 discounted down to $4.50
2 Yards Fabric - $10.00/yard discounted down to $5.00/yard
 Cream Burlap Ribbon - $12.99 discounted down to $6.50
Brown Linen Burlap Ribbon - $1.99 after 50% off coupon
Faux Poinsettia $.99 in-store clearance
1 Package Rustic Bells - $14.99 discounted down to $7.50

Total Project Cost less tax - $31.49

I found everything for the project at Joann Fabrics and used their mobile coupons combined with in-store sales to keep this project under $35.00!  Most holiday wreaths on popular boutique websites I've looked at start off around $50-$75!  One hour and about $30.00 and we have a great holiday wreath to decorate our front door!  Simple.  Festive.  And of course, Happy!  This project really got me in the mood for Christmas and I am excited to share the results of my Budget Holiday Mantle with you!  Stay tuned to the blog to see what I came up with!

Happy Decorating Everyone!