Friday, October 18, 2013

Sweet Baby Boy's Nursery Reveal!

Hello everyone!  We are getting closer and closer to meeting our Sweet Baby Boy and I am super Happy to say that his nursery is finally finished!  I have really been wanting to share all of the details with you so let's not waste any time getting started!

Because of our desire to keep things within a budget as well as create a unique space for our little one, I decided to re-purpose a few items we had on hand and incorporate them with new things from our registry.

The first item that was re-purposed was Livy's rocker from when she was a baby.  Liv's gliding rocker worked so nicely when she was a baby and instead of purchasing a new one, which can run upwards of $100.00, I decided to re-use and re-paint!  This project took so little time to complete and cost less than $25.00!  I removed the cushions, gave it two coats of white spray paint and purchased some fabric on sale at Joann's to recover the worn, beige cushions.  Since I do not sew, I used safety pins to attach the fabric to the cushions.  Yep, safety pins.  This way, I can remove the fabric easily to wash if needed or change it out altogether in the future.

Next up, our gorgeous changing table!  This used to be our dining room buffet of all things and I thought it would be great for storing baby clothes and extra baby supplies!  Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted all my before pictures but I can tell you this buffet had been painted in a dark, cherry glaze when I purchased it on Craigslist years ago.  Removing the glaze involved sanding and peeling and then more sanding, but once all of that glaze was removed, it was smooth sailing.  I used a bright white to paint the entire piece and finished the top with a protective coat of polycrylic.  As a way to maximize storage space, I removed the doors to the buffet cabinets and hung small tension rods to hang baby clothes on.  My DIY painted and lined baskets were placed below the clothes to store extra diapers and bath supplies.  New hardware completed the piece and now we have a large changing table with tons of storage and it's not too shabby to look at either:

Baby's dresser was a salvaged piece from an old rental unit back in my property management days.  It was a sturdy piece but the side paneling was peeling off when I found it and during the ride from the rental unit to our house, the top drawer fell off the truck.  Oops.  But those things would never stop a true DIY-er right?  I peeled the rest of the paneling off and gave the entire piece a good sanding and two coats of BIN primer to lock out any past germs, odors or smells.  The piece was in great shape when I found it, but you never know.  Once primed, it took two coats of a happy yellow and instead of new hardware, I threaded ribbon through the drawer holes.  The paneling problem was solved by using Modpodge to adhere fabric to each side.  And in terms of that missing top drawer, two baskets from Family Dollar did the trick and now store Baby's hats and itty bitty shoes!

That laundry basket you see in the background was found at Family Dollar for $13.00!  Sure does beat the $40.00 options at big baby stores!
The wall hangings were found at various stores including Hobby Lobby, Family Dollar and Etsy.  Lets break those down:

The yellow, oval frame was purchased at Hobby Lobby and painted to match the nursery theme.  The framed, Etsy-inspired wall art above the changing table was completed for pennies and you can read more about those items in a previous Happy Now post here.

This print was purchased on Etsy and depicts the beloved character Max from Where the Wild Things Are.  The frame is Family Dollar and has been painted white.

These poufs were purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby and hung up using a removable wall hook and burlap ribbon.  Simple and sweet.

As a way to remember our awesome shower, we framed one of our invites.  The frame was purchased at Joann's on sale. 

 This is one of my favorite items in the whole nursery!  I saved my favorite shower cards and cut them to size in this Joann's frame.  Great way to save some sweet memories!

These wall hangings were created using 8x10 canvas, on sale at Joann's and scrapbook paper.  The paper was applied to each canvas using Modpodge.  Super simple and unique art for Baby. 

So many pretty things for Baby to look at above his crib!

This is just a simple Family Dollar lamp for $6.00.  I covered the shade in burlap and leftover fabric from the glider project. 

For those of you wondering what paint color that is on the walls, we chose Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.  Very calming and soothing for Baby!  

Couldn't be happier with this room!  I love walking into the space and imagining our sweet Baby Boy cooing and laughing in his crib or wiggling his feet while we're dressing him on the changing table.  It was a long process that was completed over the course of 8 months but the outcome is truly special to us and will hopefully be a Happy space for Baby Boy to grow!  

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Rose Mandarino said...

So proud of you and Mikey. The room came out perfect!!