Thursday, October 3, 2013

Simple Ceiling Fan Re-do!

Hello readers!  As we move into a busy October, I'm sure you are all getting your homes ready for the coming holiday festivities:  Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas.  I can see the burlap wreaths and faux autumn leaves now... just can't see 'em in my house.  No, my friends, this October will be spent putting together baby gear and washing sweet little baby clothes and getting ready for sweet Baby Boy.  The decor will have to wait. 

Never one to sit on the sidelines, I have not slowed down in the DIY department and I wanted to share this quick redo that I completed in one afternoon, in the time between Liv's school pick up and dinner.  Our living room is a work in progress.  The couches are flanked in not so nice slipcovers to hide the once cream (now puke-gray) color they have become.  The distressed coffee table is a tad too distressed for my liking (think permanent marker and after school snack time every day for the last year) and the rug is worn and faded.  I can't immediately change those things.  Just too busy and not in the budget.  I can, however, change something small and the ceiling fan was my prime target.  Take a look below:

Old.  Dated.  Dirty.  Brassy.  What are... things that make Shannon squirm for a thousand?!  

The solution?  REPAINT!  Oh, dear readers, you know me so well....

Here's how:

1.  Remove fan blades.  I used a screwdriver. 
2.  Once blades are removed, clean the part of the fan that is still in the ceiling.  I used Endust.
3.  Clean fan blades.  I blasted them with the hose on "Jet" setting.  Love that thing.
4.  Dry fan blades.
5.  Sand and paint fan blades. 
6.  Re-attach fan blades. 

Really was that simple. 

A few pointers:

If your blades have attachments that screw into the base, be sure to remove those as well before painting.  My attachments were the brassy things you see in the before picture.  They easily screwed right out of the blade and were easily attached right back on after painting.  Be sure to be prepared for detachment and reattachment procedures.  For me, this involved stuffing the screws, washers and screwdriver into my sports bra for easy access as I re-attached each fan blade.  Remember you will most likely be standing on a chair, stretched up to the ceiling for this process.  No muss, no fuss is key. 

And here are the afters:

So purdy and clean and updated.  Things that make Shannon Happy!

Happy Fall Everyone!!!

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