Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quick Lamp Revamp!

I have a quick project for you today that anyone can do and for under $20.00!  Once the new year begins and we are settled with New Baby Boy and Liv's school year routine, I plan on completely re-doing our living room.  I have grown tired of the color theme and overall set-up and I have a ton of ideas and plans in the works.  So stay tuned!  Until then, I wanted to share a project with you and it's not just any project, it's the very first (teeny, tiny baby) step in my quest for the new living room. 

A table lamp revamp!  This lamp has been in our living room for years and it was time for a redo:

I plan on using bold colors and patterns in the living room and so to begin with that theme in mind, I decided to repaint the lamp in a pretty, bright gold and use a new, barrel lamp shade covered in blue fabric.  Here are some inspiration pics from my Pinterest Board:


That blue barrel lamp shade you see above can be found on Ikea's website and I had my eye on it but the red interior was kinda throwing me off.  I happened to be a Lowe's the other day and stumbled upon their awesome selection of lampshades and found THE ONE:  A simple, plain barrel lampshade on sale for $13.00!!!  One trip to Joann's and the perfect blue fabric later (on sale for 50% off, no less) and I was ready to begin this project. 

I sanded and primed the lamp base and then sprayed it using Rustoleum's Metallic Gold.  Make sure to properly seal off  the light fixtures before spray painting!

While that was drying, I washed, dried and ironed my fabric and got to work applying it to the shade.  With a plain lampshade, the only prep work needed is removing the fabric strips at the top and bottom of the shade:

Cut your fabric to size by simply measuring the shade and adding at least 2 inches on either side.  Find the seam on the shade and apply a thin strip of glue (using a glue gun) and lay the edge of the fabric onto the seam.  Press firmly on the edge and smooth the fabric onto the hot glue, making sure it is securely attached to the shade.  Allow to dry for 15 minutes.

Once the glue is dry and your fabric edge is secured to the seam, use a spray adhesive and spray a liberal amount onto the lamp shade.  Stretch your fabric tightly around the shade, smoothing any wrinkles or creases as you go.  This is kinda tricky, but slow and steady does the trick.  Once you make it all the way around the shade, you can use your hot glue gun again to secure the ending edge to the seam where you began.  A helpful tip:  Fold the edge before gluing it down so that you have a nice, hemmed-fabric appearance on the seam.

There will now be extra fabric all around the top and bottom edges of the lamp.  Using your spray adhesive, lightly spray those edges and simply fold them up and over the shade edges and flattening them onto the interior wall of the shade.  Mini clothespins are perfect for securing the fabric in place as you go! 

Remember to cut slits in the fabric where the fittings are so the fabric lays flat, as pictured below.

Allow the shade to dry for at least 30 minutes, leaving the clothespins in place while it dries.  There should be no wrinkles, air pockets or creases in the fabric when you're finished.  If there are any of those things, you will need to start over with a new shade and fabric, unless the glue is still tacky enough to re-work.  Again, this is a slow and steady project.  Take your time and don't lose patience.  I can promise you will be very pleased with the results!

Total cost for the revamp was $18.00, which breaks down as $13.00 for the lampshade and $5.00 for the fabric at Joann's.  Everything else I had on hand.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon makeover, huh?  And a very fantastic start to my living room redo!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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