Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Client Project: Child's Custom Painted Table

When a client approached me about repainting her daughter's play table and chairs, I was more than Happy to take on the task.  This table sits in my client's dining room as a place for her daughter to play, eat meals and enjoy every day activities.  My client wanted the table to match the room decor, which is upscale elegance, while still maintaining durability and ease of keeping clean. 

Here's a Before picture:

And here is an After:

The table was painted using an oil-based paint to match the trim in the client's dining area and kitchen.  The stenciling was completed using an acrylic-based metallic paint and the entire piece was given one good coat of a high-gloss polycrylic to finish.  This will allow ease of wiping clean and will show less streaks and hand prints, per the client's request.  

Here are a few more shots of the completed set:

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