Thursday, August 8, 2013

Re-purposed Vintage Frames

I love scouring resales for unique vintage and antique items that can be useful and easily incorporated into home decor.  I recently picked up two fantastic vintage mirrors at a local shop with the idea in mind to re-purpose them into pretty cork boards.  This was my first time using rolled cork and it was, for the most part, rather easy. 

There are various forms of rolled cork; I picked up one roll of self-adhesive and one roll of non-adhesive.  You can check out different types similar to what I purchased here.

Let's take a look at the finished pieces.

 I removed the mirror from the frame and painted the frame in a latex and chalk paint blend and then distressed.  Non-adhesive cork was applied to the frame backing with Modpodge and then natural burlap was laid over the cork and attached to the cork edges using a hot glue gun.  This being my first time ever using cork, I learned after finishing that it is super duper important to provide extra padding behind the cork, so that your push pins have room to stick.  

Which brings us to the next piece:

This piece was purchased as a mirror tray.  I removed the mirror and applied two thin layers of foam to the back of the mirror with spray adhesive.  Once that was dry, I applied self-adhesive cork to the top layer of foam.  I then applied a layer of fabric over the cork, using the same spray adhesive.  While the foam sat to dry (about 2 hours sitting time and weighted with a heavy book) I brushed white chalk paint onto the frame and distressed after the paint dried.  It was then sealed with a spray pearl glaze.  The cork and fabric-lined mirror slid back into the frame and it was ready to hang and be used as a small message board or keepsake holder. 
Super simple.  Super affordable.  Super pretty.
More pics?  OK!

Re-purposed and Happy!

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