Monday, August 5, 2013

Bathroom Redo for Under $50.00!

Today's post is all about a room renovation for under $50.00.  Yep, you read that right; it is possible to redo an entire room for under $50.00!  Without painting the walls, without changing light fixtures or installing anything new and only using what you already have on hand in terms of decor. 

Let's get right to it!

Here's my bathroom as it was about a week ago:

Pretty basic and not a lot of color.  I wanted to change the look and feel of the room without having to paint the walls.  I decided that I could paint the cabinet to give the room a pop of color and use accessories and decor items that I already had on hand.  The accessories could easily be refreshed through painting and distressing.  I was going for crisp color combined with a beach-weathered feel.  Kind of a Nautical theme.  Once I decided on that theme, I choose two shades of blue to use as my accent colors.  The colors reminded me of the ocean on a cloudy day.  In trying to stay under the $50.00 mark, I purchased sample sizes of the two colors, instead of quarts.  Major money saver and perfect for painting smaller items.

Once I had my paint, I gathered all of the items from the bathroom that I wanted to use and got to work sanding, painting, distressing, etc.  Over all, it took 3 days to complete.

Here are my results: 

Here is how the room breaks down:

The cabinet was sanded and smoothed with an electric sander.  I did not take the cabinet down off of the wall, but instead taped off the surrounding wall.  I did remove the cabinet door and hardware and those items were painted separately.  Important to remember to remove the mirror from the door before painting.  I also tried something new with the door handle.  I used a glue gun and some twine and wrapped the handle with twine.  Turned out very cool and melded well with the nautical theme:

I found the idea for my knob at my favorite blog The Creek Line House.  You can read more about her project here.

The chair was a hand me down and already had been naturally distressed over the years.  I cleaned it up and used the electric sander to smooth and even out the paint.  I also used some stencils and paint for a cute "shells 4 cents" sign on the chair back and sanded down the letters for a weathered look:

The towel basket was already being used in the bathroom and I simply painted it white to fit into the theme:

The iron stand, towel holder, vase, toilet paper holder and Ikea garbage can were also already in use in the bathroom, and most of those items were sanded and painted with a navy blue spray paint.  The towel holder was painted in white and distressed:


The striped frame was previously hanging above the toilet.  It was part of a framed and matted canvas purchased years ago at a discount store.  I removed the canvas and backing and simply painted and sanded the frame.  The star hanging in the middle was from another room and I painted it white and distressed it for a weathered look:

The three-photo matted frame was hanging in another room and I thought the pictures in it of Olivia at the beach would fit in perfectly with the room.  I just took apart the frame, painted and distressed the frame and put it back together:

The wall art was just stretched canvas I had on hand, painted in one of my blue shades and the circles were made using a toilet paper roll dipped in white paint:

The chalk board was already on hand and I painted it blue and added a cute "Stay Calm" quote found on Pinterest:

The shower curtain was simply taken down and stenciled with acrylic paint to look like a sail.  The numbers are a combination of my family's birthdays.  The shower curtain rod was painted in the same navy blue spray paint as the other bathroom accessories:

The "beach" sign was an old sign purchased at Hobby Lobby that I've had for a few months and was sitting, unused in our guest room.  It was painted, stenciled and sanded down to look weathered:

This cute little item is just a small flower pot and twine attached with a glue gun: 

Can't get any simpler than that!

 The only decor item purchased new for the bathroom was the rug.  It was purchased on sale at Meijer for $20.00.

The only supplies purchased new were the following:

1.  Paint - two sample sizes at $2.94 each
2.  Twine - one roll at $2.99
3.  Sandpaper - one pack at $4.97
4.  Frog Tape - one roll at $5.87
5.  Grout Paint - one bottle at $9.03 *Read more on my experiences with grout paint in this room here.

That brings the grand total for the bathroom redo to $48.74.  How awesome is that?!  For under $50.00 and one weekend of time, you can create a beautiful, Happy new space.  Nothing better than that!


Michelle Slisinger said...

This is your best one yet, so simple but a huge difference!

Shannon Goodwin said...

Thanks so much Michelle! This project was definitely a learning experience and I'm super happy with the results!

Rose Moschelli said...

Love it!!! Your ideas are amazing. So adorable!