Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Lined Baskets

We are expecting a sweet baby boy this November and we couldn't be more excited!  Most of my projects as of late revolve around getting the nursery together for our little one.  I wanted to share this quick DIY lined basket because not only is it super adorable and cute, it is so, so, SO easy!

We need all the storage space we can get for our nursery; we are converting our old guest bedroom into our bundle of joy's new room!  I love having baskets to place around any room because they can be quite effective in quick organization while still looking pretty.  The particular baskets in this project will be a part of our converted changing table, which I am so super excited about and will be featuring right here on Happy Now once it's complete!  But for now, let's take a look at the baskets!  I found them at Joann's Fabric at $8.00 a piece, discounted down to $4.00 with a 50% coupon.  They were woven straw with wire rims and perfectly suited for my changing table project.

I wanted them to match the color theme of the room, so I found a pretty shade of yellow spray paint that would work nicely.  It took 2 coats for each basket and I made sure to spray from all angles so that every weave and crack was covered.  A quick coat of clear, spray gloss finished things up.

Next it was time to choose fabric for the liner.  I wanted something that was versatile and would go with the room colors and decor.  I also choose the fabric knowing that it would be incorporated into another piece of furniture for the baby's room, that (you guessed it) will be featured here on the blog in the near future!  I found a beautiful pattern at Hobby Lobby and used a website coupon code for 40% off, which they were able to scan directly from my phone.

I don't sew and wanted to figure out a way that would be easy to replicate in the future, should I decide to change out the fabric and also a process that is easy to convey to my readers.  The simplest method I found was to simply cut two pieces of fabric, overlap them in the basket and use a hole punch to thread ribbon which will hold the fabric down.  I measured the width and length of the basket and then doubled that amount for my fabric length.  Once I had each piece cut, and let me stress, this was not a professional job here - I used my kitchen scissors to cut - I threw the pieces into the washer on a delicate cycle.  I wanted a shabby chic look, of course, but honestly, because I do not sew which means I cannot hem, it was the only way to create a uniformed look for the edges of the fabric.

Once washed and dried, I laid each piece of fabric in the basket, until I was happy with the look.  Keep in mind your fabric will shrink in the wash so make sure to give yourself extra fabric when cutting your pieces.  Mine ended up being just right but I was lucky this time!  Each piece came up and over the edges to create about two inches of fabric overlap.  A quick hole punch in each corner of fabric was all I needed to thread my ribbon through.  Every corner gets a ribbon, which helps keep the fabric in place.  Super simple!

I love how these baskets turned out.  Couldn't be happier with how easy they were to make either!  I will definitely be using this technique in the future!  A new baby can be quite overwhelming, but creating a space for your little one does not have to be stressful and expensive.  Find things that are affordable and easy to work with and you can create a wonderful, Happy little space for your little one!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Summer!

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Rose Mandarino said...

the baskets came out perfect. I love how you used a hole punch and then thread the ribbon through. Lucky baby!