Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mud Room Re-Do!

This was my mud room.  There was no rhyme or reason to its cluttered, disorganized state.  Walking past it each day would cause the hair on the back of my neck to stand straight up.  Even looking at the photo now gives me the willies!  My excuse for letting it get to this chaotic state was that I have been wanting to paint the room for quite some time, and until I had decided on a color scheme and room layout, I wasn't going to start organizing anytime soon.

Big mistake.  Because we use this room for many things.  This room stores all of my crafting and project supplies.  This is also where we keep the recycling bins.  And our beach towels.  And our extra garbage bags.  And all of Olivia's outside toys.  And many, many other items.  We all have a space in our home for these things.  And I realized recently, that just because the room is not exactly the way I want it to look and function in the present moment, does not mean I can't put the room together in an organized and less chaotic fashion.  Let's forget about what color we want the room to become.  Let's look past the linoleum flooring and ignore the chipped paint and banged-up door molding.  This is yet another great example of how we can simplify our lives and create a calm, happy space without spending a ton of money on a room renovation. 

The key to this room redo was simply starting with the right supplies.  Many times, the key to orgaization is having somewhere to put everything.  I headed out to my favorite, low-cost supply store, my local Family Dollar.  These stores are perfect for toiletries, cleaning supplies, snacks, knick-nacks, home decor and a ton of other items at half the cost!  I was able to find pretty storage baskets for around $5.00 a piece on this particular trip!  They were sturdy and came in a variety of sizes!  Then it was off to a local super-store for some larger, plastic bins.  On the particular day I was at this large scale store, they were running a clearance on storage items!  Yay for me!  I was able to scoop up the remainder of my storage needs and after both stores, spent no more than $100.00 on a total of 14 storage items!!! That is around $7.00 an item!  Not bad! 

Once I was home, I started my project by pulling everything out of the room at once.  This resulted in a huge pile of stuff on and around my dining room table and surrounding floor.  Then I picked through the huge pile and put everything into smaller, categorized piles.  Examples include:

Outdoor Toys
Beach Towels
Extra Garbage Bags
Extra Paper Towel for Kitchen
Cleaning Products
Cleaning Rags

Because I was able to purchase storage bins in a variety of sizes, I was able to find a spot for pretty much everything!  And I honestly ended up tossing a lot of things we didn't need.  Once all of the bins were organized and filled, I started putting everything back into the half of the mud room that I had cleared out.  This is just one side of the room.  The other side is filled with my paint and crafting supplies and I have not yet figured out what I want to do with that space.  So it's half a room makeover.  Still beneficial and still very much needed. 

Before and After.  Ahhhhh!

Room redo's don't have to cost a fortune and don't have to include paint or large-scale renovations.  Sometimes all we need is a little organization and a little time to take a chaotic space and make it into something very Happy!

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