Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY Custom Front Door Wreath for Summer!

I super duper LOVE front door wreaths.  They add a personal touch to any front door and can instantly add color and life to an otherwise drab house facade.  In the past, I have purchased wreaths from dollar stores, craft stores and specialty stores.  I wanted something new for summer that was interesting, pretty and customized.  The only way to get exactly what I wanted was to create my own wreath and after perusing the Internet for inspiration and ideas, I was able to decide on a theme and style that included flowers and painted numbers for our address.

I found all of my supplies at my local craft store.  This project required no more than 3 items.  Yes, you read that right, just 3 items.  A twig wreath, silk flowers and wood numbers.  The numbers are available and ready to paint at most craft stores and were on sale the day that I purchased them.

To start, I removed the flower heads from their plastic stems.  This step is easy as most silk flowers easily detach.  Simply pull the flower head at the base and it will slide right off.  I arranged the flowers on the wreath until I was satisfied with the look and then using a mini glue gun, simply glued the flowers to the twigs.  Super simple stuff here.  Glue sticks melt into this amazingly tough and sticky substance that adheres anything to well... anything! 

For the numbers, I had a creamy, white spray paint on hand that looked pretty next to the flowers and one coat on each side of the numbers produced a soft and subdued look.  Once the numbers were completely dry, I again arranged them in a few different positions on the wreath and once I was satisfied with the look, glued each number onto the wreath using the awesome, mini glue gun.  I let the wreath dry for a good hour before hanging up. 

I'm super duper pleased with this project.  It was simple and quick and so easy on the wallet!!!  For fun, I did a few quick Google searches for custom, front door wreaths and the cheapest I happened upon in the style I wanted was around $35.00.  Others, found on popular craft boutique sites, were as much as $55.00!!!  NO THANKS!  Here is how my wreath breaks down cash-wise:

18" Grapevine Wreath 40% OFF with Store Coupon - $2.00
Faux Queen Ann Lace Flowers - 3 bunches at $1.49 each
Wood Numbers - 4 at $1.99 each 

Wreath Grand Total Minus Sales Tax - $14.43
A beautiful, customized summer wreath for less than fifteen bucks.  Can't beat that price!  

Happy Summer Everyone! 


Lizzy T said...

I've been looking for a DIY front door Christmas one is still up:) Definitely going to use this as an inspiration to do one this week! I love the wooden house numbers!

Shannon Goodwin said...

Thank you Lizzy! So happy my wreath inspired you! The wooden numbers were so easy to paint and hang, I'm thinking about repainting them brighter colors!