Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Custom Painted Girl's Chair

 This little chair has been a staple in my daughter Olivia's daily routine since she was able to walk.  Purchased at a garage sale as part of a set that included one other chair and a small table, this chair has managed to stick around through 3 moves and lots of fun play sessions directed by Miss O herself.  She moves it throughout the house, from our coffee table to her dollhouse, over to her baby doll's cradle while she sings her baby to sleep and back to the coffee table.  It had a lot of wear and tear and the other day I started getting the itch to revamp it for her and make it a little more girly and personalized.  I asked her what colors she would like the chair to be and she immediately replied "Pink.  And Purple".

With that, I got to work.

Again, the simple steps we need to remember are sanding and priming.  In this case, I only primed the colored circles because I wanted to be sure that they would not show through.  A stencil brush was the perfect size and did the trick for priming the colored circles.

I used stencils for a pretty seat decoration and to add a personal touch, I used letter stencils to include an "O" and an "S" for Olivia Septer.

Once the stenciled decorations were completely dry, I applied one coat of polyurethane on the seat to ensure protection through all of the wear and tear that comes with a busy 5 year old's daily routine.

Upon a curiosity-driven Google search of "girls personalized play chairs" I was given many different styles and choices from many different online stores.  None of which came in below the $50.00 average mark.  FIFTY DOLLARS?!  For a little girl's chair?  No thank you!



Peruse your local garage sales this spring for used children's furniture.  Pick up some paint and stencils from your local craft or hardware store and give yourself an afternoon.  Your wallet will hardly be dented and your little one will thank you for her perfect, one of a kind chair.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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