Thursday, February 21, 2013

Refurb Happy!

Life is crazy.  And busy.  And fast.  And I'm sure more than a few times, my readers have looked at a project, scratched their heads and thought to themselves, "Now where I am going to get the time to do THAT?" 

In an effort to bring you some quick and easy DIY decor ideas, I've rounded up a few recent projects and will highlight them in today's post.  What is "refurb", you ask?  Short for "refurbish", the technical definition is to "renovate and redecorate" and it is my opinion that when it comes to home decor and crafting, anything, with a little love and care, can be refurbished.

This concept is especially interesting to me because it involves less spending, less energy trying to find the latest and greatest, less headache and more creativity as well as an interesting use of what you have on hand.  Let's look at some examples.

You all know how much I love my dollar store frames.  The frame pictured was $5.00.  It is sturdy and simple.  This particular frame was left over from a Christmas project.  I wanted to try out a new shade of purple paint I had purchased on a recent trip to Home Depot, so this frame got the standard treatment: Sand.  Paint. Dry. Distress.

Depending on what color the frame is when you buy it, and what color you want it to become, be sure to incorporate primer if needed.
Once my frame was painted and ready to fill, I remembered I had some left over, brown paper bags that I had used to test out some new stencils.  I had used white paint to test and remembered how pretty the white had looked against the bag.  I used the glass from the frame to cut out a piece of the stenciled bag and as they say, "bada boom, bada bing".  Instant wall art for $5.00.  I liked the rugged look of the bag with the delicate stenciling and the lovely, purple frame.  Goes very nicely in our office/spare bedroom. 

Here are a few other ideas for refurb projects.

Take one old cabinet door.  Paint.  Stencil. Apply double-sided adhesives.  Instant Wall Art!

Old mason jars become candle holders and old flower vases hold dried hydrangeas.

Dollar store frame and a gift bag make for quick and easy Holiday decoration. 

From an earlier post here on Happy Now.  Wanted to mention this because I recently saw lamp shade accessories in a department store for upwards of $10.00 a piece!  This is a headband purchased on Etsy for around $3.00 including shipping.  Can't beat!
Hopefully, these ideas will inspire the creative energy within all of you.  A unique and interesting decor does not require a large pocketbook.  Nor does it have to take a ton of time and effort.  The idea here is to take your time, relax, and enjoy your creative, Happy space.

 Stay warm, everyone!

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