Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Now is Back!

After a long Fall and Winter break, Happy Now is back with a project that I am so excited to share!  This piece was salvaged from an abandoned property in Metro Detroit.  The desk and hutch combo was a perfect addition to our guest bedroom/office. 

Upon finding it, I was initially drawn to the shape of the desktop.  Fitting perfectly into the corner of any room, it allows for extra storage and shelving, without taking up a ton of space.  I also liked that it included a pull-out desk extension for additional desk space.

 Once I got it home and into my garage, all it took was some sanding and priming and I was ready to paint.  Because the piece had been drawn on and was in pretty rough shape when I found it, I made sure to use an electric sander as well as stain blocking primer. 

 I stayed close to the original color of the desk and left one strip of wood exposed at the top of the hutch for an eye catching and authentic look.  As for the pull-out desk extension and the chair that came with the desk, I made a custom paint color in a gray-blue that complimented the colors in our office.  Not wanting to stop there, I tried out some letter stencils purchased from a local art store.  The stencils came with step by step instructions and the only tools I needed from home were a tape measure and pencil  (Thank you whoever gave Olivia 100 pencils for her birthday).  The saying is courtesy of Boyfriend, who always is reminding me to take a break from the chaos and craziness.  For the chair, a simple rose stencil in the center of the seat area. 

I loved this piece because it's my first in about 5 months and it was a much-needed, therapeutic project.  Sometimes when life's craziness gets the best of us, it's good to slow down, have some peace and quiet, and do the things we love.  Happy year.  Happy things.  Happy Life.

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