Friday, August 17, 2012

What I Want Fridays!!!

Hoorah!  I love Fridays!  Whether your week is home with the babies, at work kicking some major business butt, or hard at work on your next big project, there is always something intoxicatingly wonderful about the beginning of those two wonderful days of freedom and relaxation.

As an ode to my favorite day of the week, Fridays will now feature my most-wanted items, my next-big adventure projects, my WHAT I WANT MOST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD STUFF that I will showcase here in as organized and restrained fashion as possible.  My lovely Boyfriend will say that I am the type of person, who, when an idea trickles its way into my head, I become obsessed with this idea and nothing and no one can stand in my way of making the idea come to life.  The trouble with this type of determination, is that sometimes the creative juices flow, and I have like, a million ideas zipping and zapping there way around my head and they all become jumbled.

I decided to share those ideas with you in a weekly manner and then hopefully show you how easily and with frugal intentions these ideas can shape and become reality.  And so is born:  What I Want Fridays.

And what I am really wanting today are STENCILS.  If you peruse Pinterest at all lately, you may notice an abundance of pictures featuring all things stenciled.  Walls, furniture, lamp shades, curtains, you name it, you can stencil it.  I've been really wanting to try this technique lately, but a larger project that is yet to be finished but soon to be featured here on my blog, has been taking up a bit of my time. 

So Stencils are my What I Want Friday theme!

Here are a few projects I've found online that look awesome:

What are your favorite stencil styles and projects? Have you ever tried stencils?  Let me know what you want too! Happy Life. Happy Creating.

Happy Now~

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Harry Burkey said...

Great writing...keep the flow!