Friday, August 24, 2012

What I Want Friday - Burlap!

I've noticed a lot of burlap fabric incorporated into various forms of decor lately:  Burlap chair covers, burlap lamp shades, burlap napkins... the list goes on and on.  And I am intrigued.  Inspired by a recent issue of House Beautiful in which a gorgeously bright dining room featured a rustic farm table surrounded by custom, vintage grain-sack chair covers, I am on the lookout for all things burlap.  Those custom chair covers, by the way, were retailing at right around $100.00 each.  Ah, no thank you.  Must figure out a way to do this myself.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of that dining room on hand, but I do have a very close example here:

I love the vintage look as well as the red line detailing. I suppose I should mention now that I do not sew. Never learned because I never had an interest in my youth. My mom sews, and if I ever needed anything hemmed or repaired in the past, my mom was kind enough to take care of that for me, not without exclaiming every time, "You should learn to sew!" Mom was right. I want to learn, and I will, but that is for another What I Want Friday topic. For now, I will seek out inspiration and try to nail down some ideas.

 I like this design because it scales down the sewing and also uses way less fabric, which is cost effective.

Same idea here, even less fabric and very simple:

This is cool as well; refurbished chair with reupholstered seat! Very pretty:
Source: via jennifer on Pinterest

This requires no sewing and offers total romance and drama. Love the ribbon:

Simple and unique:

Okay, so my inability to sew notwithstanding, I have been researching where to purchase burlap and I've found a few spots worth mentioning:

Canvas Corp
Used Burlap Bags

 The key here is to stay low-cost, yet find something that will hold up to my hypothetical future sewing projects.

I have a whole vision for the dining room and for some reason, I'm seeing burlap chair covers when I picture it.  I like the idea that I can purchase the fabric style I want and then possibly turn it into something unique and interesting and hopefully, not for a big chunk of cash.  We shall see.  Stay tuned and if you have any experiences of your own with burlap or making your own chair covers, let me know! 

Happy Friday everyone!

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Rose Mandarino said...

We should check with Aunt Nan about burlap bags, since she lives in the country.