Monday, August 20, 2012

Tip of the Week - Monday, August 20th, 2012

Today's Tip involves every mom's or auntie's or godparent's favorite gift from the kiddies:  SCHOOL ART!  And though I love a good fridge door full of smiling stick figures and puppy dog cut-outs, I've found an even nicer way of preserving years of my daughter's most treasured creations. 

Frame them!

Here's a fantastic heart painting Olivia made me for Valentine's Day one year:

This hangs in our spare bath and goes nicely with the red walls.

I purchased a poster frame from the dollar store especially for this painting.  The frame was $5.00

These colorful paintings were from Olivia's "Purple Summer" in which she was obsessed with all things purple:

Livy's preschool supplied 8 x 10 paper for the project and they fit nicely into some up-cycled garage sale frames.

The purple paintings hang in Olivia's room where she can wake up to them every day.
I think that framing a child's art shows that creative energy is important and well appreciated by those around her.  It makes for unique decor and costs next to nothing to create!

Another quick tip for mom's or grandma's or anyone wanting to decorate creatively on a dime:  Use favorite shirts, dresses and skirts that your little one has grown out of as wall hangings:

This pretty pink toddler dress was a favorite of mine and Olivia used to look so darling in it.  Now it hangs in her room and reminds me how little she used to be.
A pretty pink tutu hangs from Livy's closet door. 
 Things we love but don't always use can still be things we get to see every day. Walking past Olivia's room and seeing a pretty tutu hanging from where she left it or a dress shifting in the breeze next to the window reminds me of how precious this time is, when things are still pink and pretty and happy.

Happy Monday everyone~

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