Monday, August 13, 2012

New! Tip of the Week!

New to Happy Now:  Tip of the Week!  Each Monday I am happy to dole out some good old fashion tips and pointers, from one DIY-crazed, re-purposing, exploratory gal to another!  Please, feel free to send comments, questions and critiques my way as well!  We can all help each other navigate through the creative bliss that is a Happy Now life!

Today!  The tip is a little one; it's easy and requires little fuss:

Have glass, sliding door in bathroom?  Have not time to clean said door on regular basis so that it becomes grimy and otherwise unsightly?  Perhaps this is only bath in house so guests may use bath and see unsightly shower?  Or maybe you are just too tired to clean yet tired of looking at bath???

Take one shower rod.  Take one beautiful, eye-catching shower panel.




And get creative with it!  There are a ton of pretty colors and textures out there and it doesn't have to cost a bunch!  Sears has some fantastic deals on shower curtains and they usually dedicate an entire aisle to bath accessories.  Marshalls is great too!  They have a wide selection and offer unique patterns, especially in the clearance section!

Here are some inspiration photos from Pinterest, my favorite dream/wish place!

Source: via Libby on Pinterest
Source: via Elonda on Pinterest
Source: via Sandy on Pinterest


Rose Mandarino said...

I have often thought about a curtain or drapery panel for a shower curtain, as long as a liner is being used. Pier 1 has some nice ones.

Shannon Goodwin said...

Yes they do! And if you have glass sliding shower doors, you won't need a liner!

Thanks for the tip on Pier 1 Rose~