Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Painted Cabinet for Girl's Room

Right before we moved, Boyfriend and I had a garage sale as a way to clean out our basement and earn some extra cash to put toward renting a moving van.  When cleaning out the garage, I found this beaten up, falling-apart cabinet.  It looked like a cabinet you'd hang in your bathroom to hold toiletries and other items, but appeared to have been transformed by an imaginative kid into a place to hide treasures and trinkets.  One pane of glass was missing and the inside had been painted sporadically and decorated with magazine cutouts glued to the shelves.  I liked where this creative kid had been going with her idea and decided to re-purpose the item for Olivia to use as her own special cabinet of treasures. I checked with my landlord who said it must've been left by a previous tenant and I was cleared to use it to my liking.

First things first:  I removed as many of the magazine pics as I could until only a few of the most stuck-on pieces were left. 

The bottom shelf had fish cutouts glued down and those were easily removed by sanding down the surface.
 Then on to picking paint.  One color comes to mind when thinking of my daughter: PINK.  I ran down to my local hardware store and was able to snag a custom  shade of the prettiest pink for $10.00!  They were having a sale that day and Handy Dandy Hardware Dude was kind enough to wait while I frantically flipped through every shade of pink you can imagine.  Once I chose my color, I got to work.

Here's the color name and number.
Reminds me of a cotton candy machine!
 I removed both doors and the knobs and started sanding.  I used 120 grit and it worked very well.  Sandpaper comes in all different grits for all different types of surfaces.  When in doubt, ask your Handy Dandy Hardware Dude at your local hardware store and really listen when they're talking; lots can be learned.  The Paint people at Home Depot know me by name now!  Also, I've found when in need of some quick information, is full of useful tips and how-to's.  For more info on choosing the right sanding grit, feel free to click here.

I thought about priming, but this was a Fly By the Seat of my Pants type of project and I didn't have time to run back to the store for primer.  I figured going into this project that the blue paint and the sun on top might be two areas that would need multiple coats.  Because the item was small and I had a good brush, I didn't mind the extra coats.  It took 3 coats all together.

I think the theme here had been "A Day at the Beach".  If I had to guess, that is.

Pesky fish!
After the painting was finished, I had to decide what to do with the doors.  Since I figured Olivia would get a kick out of having a place to store treasures all her own, I decided to cover the door openings with fabric.  I headed to Joann's and picked out a pink and gray design as well as a small staple gun.  Again, this was a last-minute project and I wanted something I could easily change down the road.  I cut the fabric to size using one of the doors as my guide and simply stapled the fabric to the inside of each door.  Nothing special or fancy here; Olivia may want a different fabric later on or perhaps when she's older we can install some glass for her.  The last step was replacing the knobs and I found the most perfect pair at Hobby Lobby; a dainty, pink glass that went perfect with the cabinet color and style.



Pretty pink glass knobs!

Lots of storage for one little girl~

Perfect shade of pink!

Total cost for the project was around $30.00 for the paint, fabric, staple gun and knobs.  Well worth the time and effort in my opinion.  And Olivia LOVED it!  She keeps it near her bed and stores jewelry and tiny, stuffed animals inside.  She immediately wanted me to help her gather every small object in her room and set it up inside her brand new treasure cabinet.

Happy Girl.  Happy Mumma.

Happy Now.


Rose Mandarino said...

this is one of my favorite redo's. I love the fabric on the doors-nice touch!

Shannon Goodwin said...

Thanks Rose! This project was so much fun and Olivia loves her special cabinet!