Thursday, July 19, 2012

L'avant et après (The Before & After)

I am obsessed with DIY projects right now!  We recently moved into a new home with a ton of extra space and I have been using all of my free time to get settled and decide where and how I want to put all of our things together.  I've done a few quick paint projects that I wanted to share.  I've discovered that painting is a relatively easy and quick way to make over a space when time and money are not an expendable luxury.  My first project for the move-in was repainting a mirror for my living room.  I found this mirror in the basement of our old apartment; the previous tenant had left it and because its large and in great shape, I wanted to somehow incorporate it into the new house.  You will notice its very modern which isn't much my style... but that's nothing a little paint can't fix...
I used Frog Tape (this stuff is amazing) to protect the edges of the mirror and then sanded down the edges using 120 grit sand paper.  I went quickly because A) it was really, REALLY  hot outside that day and B) I wanted an uneven and well-worn antique look to the finish.  I also did not prime the mirror.  I find this helps when distressing the wood after painting.  Once the prep work was done, I moved the mirror inside (and into the AIR CONDITIONING) and started painting.  I used a good brush by Purdy recommended to me by my handy dandy local hardware store dude who's name I can never remember but who's kind and patient smile I've come to appreciate over the years.  (The dude's over at Pointe Hardware in Grosse Pointe Park are the best!)

The paint color I chose was something I had on hand which was actually to be used for another project that I haven't gotten to quite yet.  It is a pretty teal that I had made last fall to resemble an antique dresser on the cover of Good Housekeeping. 

So, here is the finished product.  I used only one coat and used the same sandpaper to scuff up certain areas of the surface and edges.  I was not happy with how that particular grit ended up making the distress appear so I will experiment at a later time with a different grit and get back to you on that.

 Here is a close up of the distress.  Again, not my favorite result with faux distressing, but works for now.

 Typical painting clothes, hot pink shorts and a blue running tank.

 The teal mirror now sits on my mantle.  And that mantle will be the subject of another Before and After post, coming soon!
So there you have it, The Before & After.  Love that part; seeing what you have to work with, and then seeing what you turned it into.  All in all, the project cost around $35.00 for the paint, brush and sand paper.  Not too shabby!

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